The term ‘endodontics, comes from the Greek ‘endo’ meaning ‘inside’ and ‘donti’ meaning ‘tooth’

The very best modern dentistry at a number of different clinics throughout the UK

Saving teeth matters: because nothing can ever truly replace your own natural tooth

Welcome to NavidSaberi Endodontics

My practice is devoted entirely to root canal treatment and endodontics. My aim is to save patients’ teeth through the very best modern dentistry and to make the whole experience as comfortable, relaxed and stress free as possible.

Saving teeth matters: because nothing can ever truly replace your own natural tooth.

As a registered specialist in endodontics, with years of training and experience behind me, I am adept at saving ‘difficult teeth’ that require complex root canal treatment.

I receive referrals from dentists and from patients direct and offer a flexible service to fit in with people’s busy lives. This includes consultations and treatment at a number of locations throughout the UK and appointments at times to suit you (including early mornings, evenings, weekends and initial telephone conversations at home if required).

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